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Thursday’s Thot (09/24/15)

Mylo Self“Tremendous insecurity among university religion professors leads them to exaggerate their rejection of the supernatural for the sake of credibility among other faculty members.”

-Milo Self


Thursday’s Thot (08/27/15)

Mylo Self“May your library be a quarry that you mine for wisdom, a field that you harvest for sustenance, and a well that you tap for nourishment.”

-Milo Self

Thursday’s Thot (07/31/14)

“I think Christ has recommended rising early in the morning
by his rising from the grave very early.”
-Jonathan Edwards

Thursday’s Thot (06/19/14)

Mylo Self

“Christians are more reluctant to share the gospel

than unbelievers are to embrace it.”

-Milo Self

Thursday’s Thot (05/15/14)

Mylo Self

“Choose paths of most resistance
so that when one is thrust on you,
your practiced feet will find it passable.”

–Milo Self