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A little each day

imagesJQM8IAKTThe accumulation of time is a remarkable thing.

I currently have two kids in braces (cash donations are welcome). Yesterday I examined their teeth and noticed, to my astonishment, that their teeth had not moved AT ALL since the day before.

I’m going to ask for a refund.

Or maybe their teeth are moving incrementally, and the orthodontist is using time to his advantage.

A little each day + several days = large movements.

We all have large goals, and the only way to achieve those goals is by chipping away at them incrementally. Continue reading


How much time do you have left?

And more importantly, how will you invest it?

God’s Word instructs us to number our days and consider our lifespan. This is so that we will more carefully invest our time in important things.

I’ve developed a simple tool to quantify our time on earth. Continue reading