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When a Christian dies…

After discussing the unfortunate sequence of events that take place after a nonchristian dies, this message explores the great things in store for the Christians after she dies.

Read the following paragraph first. Then watch the video if you’re still interested.

John and Mary had three children. One boy and two girls. Their fifteenth anniversary plane tickets for next month were at home on the counter. Mary had become a Christian a few years earlier through a young Mom’s Bible study. John was not yet a believer, though Mary prayed for him every day. It was her idea to start having a date night every Thursday. That’s where they were that night while the babysitter was at their house with the kids. John and Mary were returning home from their dinner-slash-movie date when a large truck ran a red light and T-boned them at a busy intersection not far from their house. According to the Bible, this is what happened to Mary next, the moment after her heart stopped beating.