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A little each day

imagesJQM8IAKTThe accumulation of time is a remarkable thing.

I currently have two kids in braces (cash donations are welcome). Yesterday I examined their teeth and noticed, to my astonishment, that their teeth had not moved AT ALL since the day before.

I’m going to ask for a refund.

Or maybe their teeth are moving incrementally, and the orthodontist is using time to his advantage.

A little each day + several days = large movements.

We all have large goals, and the only way to achieve those goals is by chipping away at them incrementally. Continue reading


You can empower others

boy_with_tool_canstockphoto0903019Every parent knows this.

Your newborn baby needs you. REALLY needs you. They can’t survive without you.

You feed them, you change them, you love them.

And then one day–when the time is right–you refuse to pick up their spoon. They have to guide it into the cereal hole themselves. Continue reading

Everyone is not like you

952417_mbaby_jpgc9332234b6421f8a42e8014c711c7b12And aren’t you thankful for that?

One look around your family will prove that we each have our unique features. And if you have children, look out!

How can offspring from the same parents think, look, and act so differently from one another? Continue reading