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Can I talk you out of marriage?


It was about 20 years ago.

An older friend asked me to breakfast in a small Midwestern town café to discuss a “serious topic.”

A lot was happening in my life. I was graduating from college and about to propose to the girl of my dreams.

That’s why I was so surprised when he opened his mouth and went after me.

For about an hour he voiced concerns about my relationship. Continue reading


Call your mother

telephoneMother’s Day is almost here.

Yes, mail a card. Yes, send flowers. Yes, purchase a gift.

But none of these can replace you.

Call your mother this Mother’s Day.

If you live within 100 miles, visit her.

She wants to talk to you. Give her your time and attention. Listen to her. Interact with her. Share your life with her. Continue reading

You can empower others

boy_with_tool_canstockphoto0903019Every parent knows this.

Your newborn baby needs you. REALLY needs you. They can’t survive without you.

You feed them, you change them, you love them.

And then one day–when the time is right–you refuse to pick up their spoon. They have to guide it into the cereal hole themselves. Continue reading

Family Friday: In case of my death

tombThat’s the title of a document on my computer desktop.

“In case of my death.”

It’s there for my family, only one click away on my non-password protected computer.

I’m a pastor. I frequently sit down with grieving families who are forced to make difficult decisions in their grief. I don’t want to be the plumber with the leaky faucet in his house. I don’t want my family to be faced with questions that I’m an expert at answering.

My wife knows about my document on my computer. She also knows what information is contained in its two pages: Continue reading

Family Friday: Whatever


“What would you like the postcard to say under your family picture?”

It was a straightforward question at the end of very fun photo shoot with my family nearly two years ago. We normally budget $19.99 for the small photo packet, but we had such a good time and the photos came out so good. We decided to drop coin and spent $120.00 for the entire collection.

That included 100 postcards that we really didn’t need.

The hats were my idea. Continue reading

Blog Title overload


Naming a blog is like naming your child: way too many options available to pick just one. Plus, your child’s name says more about you than your child. How can you put a name on something that will capture everything you want to say?

You can’t.

I’m a pastor and a writer. That means I think up titles all the time. Each week I give a title to my sermon. Each year or so I give a title to my new book or article (only to be changed by the publisher). Alternative titles can provide full expression that simply can’t be captured in one word or phrase.

So instead of titling my blog, I thought I’d share the many options that came to mind. Perhaps this will set the tone: Continue reading