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Now on Facebook!

FacebookI have a confession. Actually, I have many confessions, but only one that I’m willing to share.

I’m allergic to technology.

No, really. It’s true. Not ALL technology. But most of it.

I’ll prove it: No Facebook, no cable, no cell phone.

Now do you believe me?

So in an effort to branch into the 21st century, I’ve taken some major strides in the last few weeks. Continue reading


Trends in writing (ANY writing)


Image Credit: Sarah Reid, Creative Commons.

Do me a favor. Grab the book you’re currently reading and flip through the pages. What do you see? This post is going to help you interpret it.

Sweeping trends are happening. These tips apply to virtually any writing. Certainly for publishing books and magazine articles, but also for writing blogs and emails. Especially emails.

I’m a communicator. I have a degree in communication. That’s what I do. I certainly don’t mean that I do it perfectly. Nor do I mean that my primary communication is when I preach each Sunday. Human communication is a specialty of mine, as it should be for every leader.

I’ve learned that more information does not necessarily mean more communication. But that’s old news. Here’s what’s new about today’s world. Brace yourself: Continue reading