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New Testament Test Continued

GA319_0239aIf you missed our Old Testament tests, you can find a couple of brief quizzes here and here.

Yesterday’s test began our assessment of your knowledge of all things New Testament.

The answers are now posted there in the comments section.

Continuing with our New Testament test, today offers sixteen more questions.

Don’t forget to return tomorrow to find the answers in the comments section below.

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New Testament Test

WP_20131206_006Last week featured a couple of blog posts designed to test your knowledge of the Old Testament.

I’m told the first test was easier than the second one.
You can now find the answer key in the comments section below each test.

Today we continue our assessment, but turn our attention to the New Testament. We’ll conclude tomorrow. Continue reading

Test your Bible skills continued

2008-09 09 LeicesterSo how did you do on yesterday’s test? Are you ready for another one?

We’re still in the Old Testament. Next week we’ll have a couple of New Testament sessions.

And tomorrow I’ll post the answers to today’s test in the comments, so come back and check your answers.

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Test your Bible skills

bibleI love tests. I was once a teacher. I gave lots of tests.

How about a dozen questions about the Old Testament to start off your week? Followed by a dozen more tomorrow.

I’ll also provide the answers to today’s questions in the comments tomorrow.

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