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Can you celebrate the successes of others?

“The success of others will not so much cause virtue or vice in us, but it will inevitably surface them.”

-Milo Self


Thursday’s Thot (09/24/15)

Mylo Self“Tremendous insecurity among university religion professors leads them to exaggerate their rejection of the supernatural for the sake of credibility among other faculty members.”

-Milo Self

Thursday’s Thot (08/27/15)

Mylo Self“May your library be a quarry that you mine for wisdom, a field that you harvest for sustenance, and a well that you tap for nourishment.”

-Milo Self

WHY do you write?


Image courtesy of Jonas Lowgren from Flickr Creative Commons

Why do you write? What’s your motivation?

Are your reasons good? Is your motivation proper?

Or, perhaps another way to ask it: are there any bad reasons for writing?

I believe there are. Probably lots.

For money? I can’t say this is a bad reason altogether. Continue reading

Thursday’s Thot (06/19/14)

Mylo Self

“Christians are more reluctant to share the gospel

than unbelievers are to embrace it.”

-Milo Self

Thursday’s Thot (06/12/14)

Mylo Self
“The presence of sound doctrine does not necessarily make a person doctrinally sound, but the presence of heresy does render him a heretic.”
-Milo Self