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Now on Facebook!

FacebookI have a confession. Actually, I have many confessions, but only one that I’m willing to share.

I’m allergic to technology.

No, really. It’s true. Not ALL technology. But most of it.

I’ll prove it: No Facebook, no cable, no cell phone.

Now do you believe me?

So in an effort to branch into the 21st century, I’ve taken some major strides in the last few weeks. Continue reading


Free book today!

Hazards Cover

Last month the marketing department at Baker Books asked my permission to give away the e-book version of Hazards of Being a Man as a temporary promotional event. I agreed. So, for a limited time, you can upload it completely FREE! Please hurry, as the promotion may only last one day.

Click on the image above to go to Amazon’s Kindle page.

Click here to visit Barnes and Noble’s NOOK website.

Happy reading!