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Cremation vs. Burial

This past weekend I participated in a seminar called “Life and Death: Preparing for the Expected.”

I was asked to provide a biblical perspective on any topic related to death and dying. I chose to speak on the issue of cremation vs. burial, which I’ve blogged about here.

I’m posting the 23-minute video of my portion of the seminar here for those who might be interested.




Pastors from long ago share their secret sauce

Benjamin Golub_flickr commons_1

Credit: Benjamin Golub / Flickr Creative Commons

[This post is modified from a paper I wrote earlier this year for my doctorate at Duke Divinity School. By looking across every Christian century at the pastor’s chief responsibility, I found that his readiness with the Word of God was prioritized.] Continue reading

School, job, writing, and babysitting


Used under Creative Commons license.

Do others claim they have to babysit you?

Are you an adult?

We need to talk.

Following directions is a lost art. That’s because we prefer to do things our way or the easy way (for many, these two are the same).

We all need advice from time to time. We all need wise counsel and helpful direction in life. Continue reading

Leaving your church

Reblogging an old post about “leaving your church.” Let me know what you think!

Jeffrey E. Miller

Picture14Maybe you should leave your church.

How do you know if it’s time to move on? How do you know if yours is a good reason to leave?

I get these questions a lot.

Let’s begin with the obvious:

There are a host of bad reasons to leave your church.

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Practicing ministry without a license


Photo Credit: Creative Commons – szin

Practice ministry without a license.

If you’re around me long, you’ll hear something along those lines.

It is my heartbeat, and the heartbeat of the church where I serve.

God has given certain leaders to the church (Ephesians 4:11). Their job is to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12).

Did you catch that? Those who work in vocational ministry are not called to do all of the ministry themselves, but to train others to do the ministry with them. Continue reading

Church: the holy huddle


Image by Roger Price

Football season is here!

Lots of huddling going on.

But Sundays aren’t just for football huddles; holy huddles are also taking place among churches around the world.

I’ve often heard the term “holy huddle” applied to the church as an insult by enlightened, progressive Christians. They seem to think that evangelism is God’s highest priority (it is not) and that gathering together as believers is a waste of time (it is not). Continue reading