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Pastors from long ago share their secret sauce

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Credit: Benjamin Golub / Flickr Creative Commons

[This post is modified from a paper I wrote earlier this year for my doctorate at Duke Divinity School. By looking across every Christian century at the pastor’s chief responsibility, I found that his readiness with the Word of God was prioritized.] Continue reading


Old English Bibles


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Today I begin a four-part series devoted to old books. Not just any old books…

Old Bibles.

I’m a bibliophile–a lover of books. But I especially love books with history. And since I love the Bible–the greatest of all books by any measurement–I’m particularly fond of Bibles with history.

I’ll be tackling this series in four stages. Continue reading

Do you have New Believer Syndrome?

excited-girl-33418948439These symptoms are delightful to encounter in a new believer.

Delightful for a while, that is; training is needed.

These new believer symptoms shouldn’t persist.

I became a Christian nearly 25 years ago. I was personally guilty of many of these thoughts. I suppose instinct tells us what to believe.

But our natural beliefs should be suspect.

The tragedy is finding these symptoms in people who took Christ to be their Savior decades ago.

Let’s consider half a dozen symptoms of New Believer Syndrome. Continue reading

Bible Manuscripts: Embarrassment of Riches

2008-08 50 de HamelIt’s a common expression.

When it comes to the number of ancient handwritten copies of the Bible known to exist, we have an embarrassment of riches.

For the New Testament, we know of more than 5,800 partial and complete manuscripts written in Greek (the language of the NT). These date from the second to the fifteenth century.

It is well-documented that this represents more copies than that of any other ancient author.

Here’s the problem: these biblical manuscripts have differences. Continue reading

New Testament Test Continued

GA319_0239aIf you missed our Old Testament tests, you can find a couple of brief quizzes here and here.

Yesterday’s test began our assessment of your knowledge of all things New Testament.

The answers are now posted there in the comments section.

Continuing with our New Testament test, today offers sixteen more questions.

Don’t forget to return tomorrow to find the answers in the comments section below.

Good luck! Continue reading

Test your Bible skills continued

2008-09 09 LeicesterSo how did you do on yesterday’s test? Are you ready for another one?

We’re still in the Old Testament. Next week we’ll have a couple of New Testament sessions.

And tomorrow I’ll post the answers to today’s test in the comments, so come back and check your answers.

Good luck! Continue reading