I seem to have misplaced my motivation

MotivationI seem to have misplaced my motivation.

I would appreciate any help in locating it.

At first I thought it was merely under the weather and in need of antibiotics.

But now I’m convinced that it has taken a leave of absence.

I like to think of myself as a performance car with at least 5 gears (sometimes I can find 6th). But right now, I can’t even locate fifth gear. Sometimes I can’t get out of third gear! That’s abysmal!

Several possible causes can lead a generally motivated person to lack motivation for a season. A couple immediately come to mind:

1) Exhaustion. When you are exhausted, say, from several months straight of high velocity production, your body can rebel by shutting down your desire to produce more. This might lead you to neglect your essential responsibilities for a season.

2) Obsession. When all of your motivation is laser focused in one direction for a season, it might steal some away from every other area during that time.

One mark of noble character is the ability to muscle through and produce even when you cannot locate your motivation.

You write when you’d rather sleep. You blog when you’d rather cut your toenails.

You go to work when you’d rather call in sick.

You get the kids ready for school or cook them dinner when you’d rather CPS take over for awhile.

The real mark of character for the unmotivated person is continuing to perform when you know you can get by with the minimum.

If you happen to stumble across my motivation, please return it to me. Just write for my address.


2 responses to “I seem to have misplaced my motivation

  • ngimdaruey

    I really loved this article especially the metaphors. Great style of writing! Bet you got your motivation back by writing this ahaha

  • BelleUnruh

    You sound like you need a rest and you are doing too much. I hope you are spending lots of time with your kids and wife doing relaxing things. You need to be rejuvenated in order to give to others. I think pastors take on too much sometimes. I hope you actually rest one day a week since Sunday must not be too restful for you.

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