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WHAT will you write?

Words written in blood

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We continue our series of blog posts on the who-what-when-where-why of writing (see previous posts about who, when, and where).

We turn now to WHAT gets written. Here we’re talking about the content of your fiction or nonfiction.

And here I’m planning to go against convention a bit.

We hear much about building a platform, writing for the market, carving out a niche, and author branding. Nearly all of these encourage a singular voice or genre or series. And granted, if this is what the editors and agents are telling us, then this route probably does provide better odds for getting something published.

But I’d still like to state my case (which does not eliminate the importance of a solid platform, mind you). Continue reading


WHO can write?


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I’m conducting a series of blog posts on the who-what-when-where-why of writing. You can find my when and my where already. Today we’re tackling WHO.

The WHO and the WHAT of writing are two sides of the same coin and consequently hard to separate. When we ask WHO is writing, we’re describing a person’s skills, interests, and driving passion. Continue reading

WHEN do you write?


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“When did you find time to write that book?” she asked.

“Every day,” I said.

I knew what she meant. I’m a pastor. How many hours a week do I devote to ministry? Too many.

But my answer was true nevertheless. I wrote that book a little every day, just like I have written or co-written the other six books with my name on the cover.

And the 45 articles I’ve had published.

All during the course of ten years while holding down a fulltime ministry job and raising a family.

Last time we looked at WHERE to write. This installment considers WHEN to write.

So let me start by talking about the wrong time to write: when you’re inspired. Continue reading