Do hard things

Photo credit: Hockadilly, Creative Commons/Flickr

It makes me mad when someone else writes a book that I thought of.

My daughter recently read the book Do Hard Things.

Although I haven’t read it yet, she tells me that it challenges young people to learn their potential rather than assuming their limitations.

To stretch themselves rather than choosing convenience.

I love the concept.

I’ve found that convenience is often the enemy of holiness.

You are capable of so much more than you think you are.

I mow my own lawn. I’m amazed at people who pay someone to mow their lawn and then pay for a gym membership they never use. Seems like an unhealthy, exponential waste of money.

My previous gas-powered lawn mower (may she rest in peace) was haggard from years of abuse. I had reattached the wheels so many times that the front two were practically facing inward like pigeon toes. This caused great resistance, which I interpreted as better exercise.

I loved that mower. I only traded it in for a new one when the engine died. But I still mow at the hottest part of the Texas afternoon.

Why do we often take the easy route, the short cut, the path of least resistance? Why do we quit early?

For whatever reason, God didn’t wire me that way. [those who know me understand that this comes with another set of problems…]

Take the stairs. Don’t settle for the closest parking space. Finish the book you started reading.

Finish the book you started writing.

Train for and run a mini-marathon. Memorize a chapter of the Bible. Ride a 100-mile bike ride. Skip a meal.

Set a challenging goal and simply don’t stop until you’ve achieved it.


For every challenging goal you achieve, a deposit will be made to your confidence account.

I love this quotation by my very dear friend, Milo Self:

“Choose paths of most resistance so that when one is thrust on you, your practiced feet will find it passable.”


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