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Practicing ministry without a license


Photo Credit: Creative Commons – szin

Practice ministry without a license.

If you’re around me long, you’ll hear something along those lines.

It is my heartbeat, and the heartbeat of the church where I serve.

God has given certain leaders to the church (Ephesians 4:11). Their job is to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12).

Did you catch that? Those who work in vocational ministry are not called to do all of the ministry themselves, but to train others to do the ministry with them. Continue reading


A little each day

imagesJQM8IAKTThe accumulation of time is a remarkable thing.

I currently have two kids in braces (cash donations are welcome). Yesterday I examined their teeth and noticed, to my astonishment, that their teeth had not moved AT ALL since the day before.

I’m going to ask for a refund.

Or maybe their teeth are moving incrementally, and the orthodontist is using time to his advantage.

A little each day + several days = large movements.

We all have large goals, and the only way to achieve those goals is by chipping away at them incrementally. Continue reading

Do hard things

Photo credit: Hockadilly, Creative Commons/Flickr

It makes me mad when someone else writes a book that I thought of.

My daughter recently read the book Do Hard Things.

Although I haven’t read it yet, she tells me that it challenges young people to learn their potential rather than assuming their limitations.

To stretch themselves rather than choosing convenience.

I love the concept.

I’ve found that convenience is often the enemy of holiness.

You are capable of so much more than you think you are. Continue reading


Photo credit: Rubin Starset

Some pastors see sermon illustrations in everyday experiences.

That’s not me.

I see practical concepts worked out in everyday situations. I try to connect ideas together, and to imagine how I might use writing to communicate fresh perspectives.

When I say “writing,” I’m always thinking in article units. 500-2,000 words. The length of a magazine article or book chapter.

Here’s a recent example. Continue reading

Church: the holy huddle


Image by Roger Price

Football season is here!

Lots of huddling going on.

But Sundays aren’t just for football huddles; holy huddles are also taking place among churches around the world.

I’ve often heard the term “holy huddle” applied to the church as an insult by enlightened, progressive Christians. They seem to think that evangelism is God’s highest priority (it is not) and that gathering together as believers is a waste of time (it is not). Continue reading

Favorite quotations from C.S. Lewis

C.S.-LewisThere are a dozen famous C.S. Lewis quotations. Most of you would recognize most of them.

These are not those.

These are some of my favorites, harvested from lots of reading.

I’ve read nearly every published word written by C.S. Lewis. This includes his 3 volumes of published correspondence amounting to over 4,000 pages.

I’ve also read at least two dozen biographies.

I certainly don’t agree with him at every turn. But I admire his ability to communicate complex thoughts in understandable terms, usually accompanied by a metaphor.

Marvel with me at a mind crafted by a generous God: Continue reading