Honest Hymns

HPIM1336.JPGAuthenticity is a frightening thing.

That’s especially true in our worship. When we worship God in song, we’re using someone else’s words to express how we feel.

Sometimes, those words commit us to an action. We’re just singing along, and God is taking us seriously, as though we mean every single word.

Be careful what you sing to God!

What if we were entirely honest every time we sang a hymn or praise song? Here’s how some of the old favorites might come out:

“I Surrender Some”

“He’s Quite a Bit to Me”

“I Love to Talk about Telling the Story”

“Crown Him the Lord of Most”

“Sitting on the Promises”

“Take My Life and Let Me Be”

“Seek Ye Second”

“Trust and Go Away”

“What a Mighty God We Deserve”

“Just as I Pretend to Be”


Authenticity is a frightening thing.


2 responses to “Honest Hymns

  • belleunruh

    I really laughed at this post. I do remember once when I was in church we were singing, “I Will Not Be Shaken.” I had to stop singing because I thought, “On the other hand, maybe I will be. Who knows?” I guess most Christian songs show the ideal of how we should be.

  • The Devotional Guy

    It seems it is easy for us to be careless in how we think, speak, and sing about Him. Getting it right requires us to be more intentional and slower to speak.

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