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Back from Colombia

SAM_0142I’ve just returned from a missions trip to Colombia, South America. That’s me wearing the Colombian national football team’s red jersey.

I was there with a team of 14 from my church. Most of our team concentrated on evangelism and training in youth soccer camps. Two of us were there to lead a pastor’s conference on men’s ministry.

The lessons I learned on this trip echo lessons I seem to learn on every cross-cultural trip. So I thought I’d share them here. Continue reading


Thursday’s Thot (06/19/14)

Mylo Self

“Christians are more reluctant to share the gospel

than unbelievers are to embrace it.”

-Milo Self

I have never met a Christian legalist

legalistI have never met a Christian legalist.

At least, not to my knowledge.

You may be out there. But your self-diagnosis is suspect in my book.

Let me explain why.

Legalism has become one of our favorite words in Christianity. We use the notion of legalism as an excuse to escape the hard work of radical obedience.

Excessive obedience is not legalism. Is it even possible to be too obedient? Continue reading

Ministry = high highs and low lows

incredible-hulkThere are few surprises in ministry if you appreciate the effects of sin on image-bearers.

Ministry is a never-ending emotional roller coaster, made up of high highs and low lows.

It’s back-to-back counseling sessions. One to counsel a doting couple about to get married, followed by one with a volatile couple’s last ditch effort before they file for divorce. Continue reading

Thursday’s Thot (06/12/14)

Mylo Self
“The presence of sound doctrine does not necessarily make a person doctrinally sound, but the presence of heresy does render him a heretic.”
-Milo Self

Do you have New Believer Syndrome?

excited-girl-33418948439These symptoms are delightful to encounter in a new believer.

Delightful for a while, that is; training is needed.

These new believer symptoms shouldn’t persist.

I became a Christian nearly 25 years ago. I was personally guilty of many of these thoughts. I suppose instinct tells us what to believe.

But our natural beliefs should be suspect.

The tragedy is finding these symptoms in people who took Christ to be their Savior decades ago.

Let’s consider half a dozen symptoms of New Believer Syndrome. Continue reading