New Testament Test Continued

GA319_0239aIf you missed our Old Testament tests, you can find a couple of brief quizzes here and here.

Yesterday’s test began our assessment of your knowledge of all things New Testament.

The answers are now posted there in the comments section.

Continuing with our New Testament test, today offers sixteen more questions.

Don’t forget to return tomorrow to find the answers in the comments section below.

Good luck!


1. T F James was one of the “sons of thunder.”

2. T F Paul’s shipwreck occurred on the island of Patmos.

3. T F The Gospel of Luke records the famous “seven signs of Christ.”

4. T F Lydia was a seller of purple and dyes.

5. T F Titus is one of Paul’s Pastoral Epistles.

6. T F Jude is one of the Catholic Epistles.

7. T F Luke wrote the Book of Acts.

8. T F Peter wrote the Book of Revelation.


Arrange the events in chronological order by placing an “a” before the earliest, then a “b,” etc.
9. _____ Jesus appears to Paul.
10. _____ Jesus delivers the Sermon on the Mount.
11. _____ Pentecost.
12. _____ The ascension.
13. _____ Jesus is baptized by John.
14. _____ The Last Supper.
15. _____ Jesus appears to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus.
16. _____ The resurrection.


Bonus question: Can you name the New Testament book displayed in today’s image above?


How did you do?


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