How to know if you are a writer

write-pencilThat’s easy.

Do ideas explode in your head all the time? Ideas that you think are worthy of capturing on paper?

If so, you’re a writer.

Is your mind preoccupied with publishing, headlines, best-seller lists, and delusions of book signings?

If so, you’re probably NOT a writer.

The good news is that you’ll probably be able to earn a living. We all know that most writers can’t.

I think I’m a writer.

One of the clearest symptoms is that I’m overwhelmed with ideas.

I have a document on my computer that lists dozens of book and article ideas. I also have dozens of files containing ideas and chapters–ranging from a few hundred to several thousand words each.

If you’re a writer, what you don’t need is more ideas handed to you by others. You’re already paralyzed by the amount of ideas in your head and captured on your computer. You have more ideas than you could flesh out in a lifetime. Your arms are full and you can’t carry another object.

Some people like it when others suggest books that they need to read. I don’t. I already have a hundred books in queue waiting to be read. I don’t need one more. I currently have ten borrowed books on my desk, and I didn’t ask for any of them!

Imagine walking up to James Patterson or Stephen King and suggesting a topic for them to write about. They’re too busy with their own ideas to worry about yours!

Like these successful writers, you probably have too many ideas than you know what to do with. Unlike these successful writers, your ideas are not always good. Frankly, that’s my biggest problem: I can’t tell my good ideas from my really bad ones.

Be that as it may, please keep your ideas to yourself.

Better yet: DON’T keep your ideas to yourself!

Why don’t you write about your ideas instead of talking about them? The fact that you have them in your head is an indication that you might be a writer. The act of typing them up proves it.

Set pen to paper and get to work.


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