Test your Bible skills continued

2008-09 09 LeicesterSo how did you do on yesterday’s test? Are you ready for another one?

We’re still in the Old Testament. Next week we’ll have a couple of New Testament sessions.

And tomorrow I’ll post the answers to today’s test in the comments, so come back and check your answers.

Good luck!


1. T F Ruth was the great grandmother of King David.

2. T F Habakkuk is classified as a minor prophet.

3. T F Manasseh is remembered as one of the good and faithful kings.

4. T F Gomer is the unfaithful wife of the prophet Joel.

5. T F The ten plagues against the Egyptians are recorded in the book of Exodus.

6. T F The first king of Israel was David.

7. T F The man who assumed leadership of Israel after Moses was Joshua.

8. T F The ten commandments are recorded in Exodus.


Arrange the persons or events in chronological order by placing an “a” before the earliest, then a “b,” etc.
9. _____ The giving of the law on Sinai.
10. _____ The building of the temple by Solomon.
11. _____ The call of Abraham.
12. _____ The Babylonian captivity.
13. _____ The Exodus from Egypt.


Bonus: Can you name the manuscript in the photo? Fewer than 60 complete Greek New Testament manuscripts are known to exist. This is one of them. Hint: I took this photo in England while digitizing manuscripts with CSNTM.


How did you do?


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