Test your Bible skills

bibleI love tests. I was once a teacher. I gave lots of tests.

How about a dozen questions about the Old Testament to start off your week? Followed by a dozen more tomorrow.

I’ll also provide the answers to today’s questions in the comments tomorrow.

Good luck!

Multiple Choice
1. The man who wrestled with an angel at Peniel was:
a. Jacob b. Joshua c. Noah d. Samuel


2. The life of Abraham is found in the book of:
a. Judges b. Exodus c. Genesis d. 1 Kings


3. The man whose donkey spoke prophecy was:
a. Jacob b. Balaam c. Ephraim d. Jephthah


4. The following item lists events out of chronological order. Determine which order the events actually occurred:
a. Isaac to be offered as a sacrifice by Abraham
b. Joseph is made a ruler in Egypt
c. Sodom destroyed
d. Jacob wrestles with the angel
e. “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good”

a. b,e,a,c,d    b. c,d,e,a,b    c. d,a,c,b,e    d. c,d,a,b,e    e. c,a,d,b,e


5. Which of the following is NOT a book in the Old Testament:
a. Obadiah b. Hezekiah c. Zephaniah d. Ezra


6. “Have you but one blessing my father? Bless me, even me also, O my father.” Who said it?
a. Cain b. Jacob c. Esau d. Joseph e. Isaac


Matching (select your answers from the list of names at the bottom)
7. ______ One of the twelve tribes of Israel.
8. ______ The fourth king of Israel.
9. ______ The man who did not experience normal death.
10. ______ King of Judah who came into power at the age of eight and about
whom the Scriptures say, “He did right in the eyes of the Lord.”
11. ______ One of Eli’s two sons who was punished by death.
12. ______ The first judge of Israel, following the period of Joshua’s     leadership.

a. Othniel b. Phinehas c. Samuel d. Josiah e. Rehoboam
f. Gad g. Bartholomew h. Matthias i. Enoch


How did you do?


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