So you want to write a book…


I believe you can.

You can become an author.

Most people have a book inside of them that is straining to get out. I love helping them with that process. I’ve read dozens of books about publishing; I’ve also seen a few of my books successfully published. Can I share some surprises that I’ve learned along the way?

You may be surprised at the host of qualities that are NOT required of you to become an author.

You DON’T need:

  • Unusually high intelligence
  • An advanced degree
  • Outstanding writing abilities
  • A Starbucks near your house

Instead, I coach wannabe writers that only three ingredients are necessary to succeed at publishing (from least to most important):

  1. Above average ability with language
  2. Ideas
  3. Persistence

The last one is really the key. If you read much then you know that lots of books have been published by average and below-average writers. And you really only need one idea to get published if that idea is strong enough. But perseverance is non-negotiable. You must have determination and endurance that will empower you to climb a steep hill. Trust me: I’ve climbed the hill more than once on average ideas and ability. The asset I leaned on the hardest was my work ethic.

So where do you start?

If you’re reading this blog, you’re already closer to being a published author than you might think. That’s because you’re reading. The two daily activities in which you’ll find every successful author engaged are reading and writing. Do you read every day? Probably. Do you write every day? Texting and emails don’t count. Do you daily practice your craft of capturing ideas on paper or computer for a broad future audience?

Maybe that’s the step you need to take beginning today. For one week, determine to write at least 300 words each day.

Dream. Create. Write. Repeat.

Every year more than 300,000 new book titles are published in the United States alone. Will one of them be yours in the next year or two? I believe it can be.




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