Family Friday: Whatever


“What would you like the postcard to say under your family picture?”

It was a straightforward question at the end of very fun photo shoot with my family nearly two years ago. We normally budget $19.99 for the small photo packet, but we had such a good time and the photos came out so good. We decided to drop coin and spent $120.00 for the entire collection.

That included 100 postcards that we really didn’t need.

The hats were my idea. I have a small collection of fedoras. It all started when browsing the hats in an urban shop. The storekeeper showed me how to wear the fedora (“Cause honey, it’s all about how you wear it!”). We found the right hat, I tried it on the right way, and the storekeeper yelped: “That’s CLEAN.” I bought it, and paid forty dollars for a twenty dollar hat.

And of course, all of my girls look great in hats. The poses in hats turned out to be our favorites that day at the photo shoot.

So there we sat staring at the photo of the four of us trying to look serious. Even threatening. Of course, I’m the only one who could remotely pull it off. The three of them are bursting inside, their smirking lips revealing what they can hardly conceal.

What do we want printed in the big white space below the photo on the postcard?

The photographer had already demonstrated remarkable patience during the shoot; she continued to deal with our indecision with kindness and encouraging words.

“It’s your postcard. You can make it say whatever in the white space.”



So that is what we chose.

One gray word printed in the middle of that huge white space:


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