Blog Title overload


Naming a blog is like naming your child: way too many options available to pick just one. Plus, your child’s name says more about you than your child. How can you put a name on something that will capture everything you want to say?

You can’t.

I’m a pastor and a writer. That means I think up titles all the time. Each week I give a title to my sermon. Each year or so I give a title to my new book or article (only to be changed by the publisher). Alternative titles can provide full expression that simply can’t be captured in one word or phrase.

So instead of titling my blog, I thought I’d share the many options that came to mind. Perhaps this will set the tone:

Faithful (I think this summarizes the Christian’s goal)
Substance (though some posts may not be too meaningful)
Grounded (in a firm foundation)
Provocation (injecting questions where answers are too firmly held)
Righter (no comment)
Equipping (training believers)
Conviction (I’ve been told I have the spiritual gift)
Biblicist (I’m more of a Bible guy than a theologian)
Accessible (I have a knack for making concepts understandable)

and many others…

By the way, I love the names we chose for our daughters. If they were boys, I was going to name them Melchizedek (king of righteousness) and Maher-shalal-hash-baz (the longest name in the Bible). So God gave us girls. Their middles names are Joy and Grace. Both names say a lot about their mother.


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