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You can understand the Bible

images3UPZQPSWWhen I hear it–which is often–it goes something like this:

“I KNOW the Bible. I can’t quote it. I don’t know it chapter and verse. And I’m fuzzy on the details. But I KNOW my Bible.”


Who are you trying to convince?

A lot of you think you know the Bible because you know that God loves you.

Or because your grandmother wrote in her Bible a lot.

Or because your grandfather was a minister. Or because you went to Vacation Bible School as a child.

Maybe you think you know your Bible because you attend church most Sundays. Continue reading


Leaving your church

Picture14Maybe you should leave your church.

How do you know if it’s time to move on? How do you know if yours is a good reason to leave?

I get these questions a lot.

Let’s begin with the obvious:

There are a host of bad reasons to leave your church. Continue reading

Family Friday: In case of my death

tombThat’s the title of a document on my computer desktop.

“In case of my death.”

It’s there for my family, only one click away on my non-password protected computer.

I’m a pastor. I frequently sit down with grieving families who are forced to make difficult decisions in their grief. I don’t want to be the plumber with the leaky faucet in his house. I don’t want my family to be faced with questions that I’m an expert at answering.

My wife knows about my document on my computer. She also knows what information is contained in its two pages: Continue reading

Thursday’s Thot (04/24/14)

Mylo Self



“Writing means capturing your thoughts on paper so others can think them.”
-Milo Self

On writing: How to earn a rejection in 5 easy steps

imagesOF838UO0I have a masters degree in theology, but a doctorate in rejectology.

I know how to get rejected.

If you’ve been writing long, you probably know, too. Along with sleeplessness, carpal tunnel, and loneliness (oh, the loneliness!), it’s one of the hazards of being a writer (another book title?).

Whether it’s in response to a query, a proposal, or a complete manuscript, rejection slips are not usually accidental. They are genuinely earned. Here it is, the yellow brick road to earning your rejection: Continue reading

Everyone is not like you

952417_mbaby_jpgc9332234b6421f8a42e8014c711c7b12And aren’t you thankful for that?

One look around your family will prove that we each have our unique features. And if you have children, look out!

How can offspring from the same parents think, look, and act so differently from one another? Continue reading